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Legal aid

For the Chinese living in Canada, if want to fully enjoy the life in this beautiful and harmonious country, it is necessary to understand the local legal knowledge so as to follow the rules and abide by the law.

Dignity and law-abiding: By learning about local customs and laws and regulations, we are: Be humble and friendly, abide by law and law and actively contribute to the wisdom and advantages of the Chinese community in a harmonious multicultural community.

Take action according to law: In case of injustice, do not forbear and insult, not afraid of power, courageously and frankly seek legal support according to Canadian laws and regulations and put into legal procedures to protect their own rights and dignity.

In fact, due to the difference between languages ​​and cultures, most Chinese often fail to fully understand Canada’s legal knowledge and cannot make reasonable use of legal resources. All this limits the Chinese’s ability to prevent legal problems and resolve legal disputes. With the continuous increase of Chinese immigrants in recent years, this contradiction has become increasingly evident.

The Prospective Charity Foundation staffs are all Chinese living in Canada. Through their own experiences and that of their friends, they deeply feel that the Chinese are in urgent need of a platform for understanding the legal and legal resources of Canada and BC. One of the missions of this foundation is to build this platform in the following ways:

  1. Legal Workshops: Since October 2017, Foundation Board members have held several legal workshops in the Metro Vancouver. The beneficiary number has reached nearly 100. At the request of listeners, the number of workshops and the topics will be increased in 2018.
  2. Case-based legal aid: Based on individual case needs, the Foundation promotes sound legal and legal resources, including but not limited to: refer legal aid agencies, introducing professional lawyers
  3. Create Chinese lawyer and legal translator database: It will be easy for Chinese to find the legal professionals they need.
  4. Build a law Website in Chinese language: Introduce Legal Knowledge and Cases in Canada and BC, Law Updates, Government and Society Legal aid resources, and local lawyer resource information. Provide online interactive channel, legal professionals will answer readers’ questions.